New Year, New Sense of Body Confidence

Be inspired for 2018… Love your body, believe in yourself… because empowered women, empower women.

Feat: Lauren Talulah (@curvy_roamer) and Enam Asiama (@enamasiama)

I felt like people shy away a lot from calling themselves plus size & curve and I wanted a video that shows the opposite of this.
Being comfortable in your skin and being able to dress how you want to dress is a beautiful thing and I wanted a visual interpretation of this.
Asking the same questions to both Enam and Lauren you can see how differently they see themselves but the joy and happiness that oozes from both is whats contagious.
I also felt like in fashion some companies shy away from putting models in clothes that can be seen “unflattering” I wanted these models to style themselves how they would if they was to go.
Enam Asiama is Ghanaian by birth and partly upbringing, whose family moved to the UK from a young age. She is now an Events Management graduate, Plus size advocate and model. Who has partnered with creatives such as Black Girls Picnic, Strickly Queens and most recently Missguided to highlight the lacking representation of fat, black, woman identifying bodies via her social media. She has been featured in popular social platforms such as Afropunk, Refinery29, Illamasqua and a few more. She has always believed that empowerment of women and women of colours comes from self-love and self-care which she represents through the visuals she shares on her social media. Enam identifies as a Fat Queer Femme which reflects through the way she boldly presents her beauty + style.  Follow more of her work on her Instagram  @enamasiama
“Putting the middle finger up to insecurities” Lauren Talulah Smeets aka @curvy_roamer has been working in the Fashion Industry for years, and never lets the fact that she’s wearing plus size, stop her from wearing what everyone else in the industry wears.
“I love being a part of this powerful community of women who lift each other up. I want to give other women the confidence to experiment with their wardrobe too and feel bad ass when they do”. 
Follow more of her work… Lauren Talulah Smeets (@curvy_roamer)
Creative Director & Photographer: JKG Photography; Videographer: Rianna Tamara; Models: Enam & Lauren; Hair: Rianna Henry; MUA: Mojisola MUA

-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine