Plus Size Menswear

While we are obviously predominantly aimed at plus size women, we are thrilled to see the growth in the plus size menswear market. For so long big and tall clothes for the boys have been scarce on the ground, so seeing ASOS launch their plus size menswear line late last year was a particular thrill to see how far we have come. There are also a host of super stylish menswear bloggers in the plus size market that are giving off some serious style vibes! Here are a few menswear pieces in larger sizes that we are loving right now!

First up – hello Tommy Hilfiger selling some sneaky plus size stuff into ASOS! If you could kit the girls out now too that would be fab.

This cute and casual tee is perfect with jeans or under a denim jacket  and the fact that Hilfiger is offering a few plus size pieces in menswear is kind of a big deal

And at £40 it won’t break the bank.


Upcoming beach bum holiday plans? Wondering what to wear around the pool, no worries, apparently you can get plus size menswear Polo by Ralph Lauren too.

There are quite a few options online at ASOS but we are crushing on these gorgeous tropical floral swim short.

Coming in at a slightly pricier £65 but you pay for the label right?


Next up we have French Connection – who I had no idea created a selection of plus size menswear pieces. This classic polo top is an absolute classic and will always ensure you look super chic.

Great for the weekend I always feel a polo top straddles that smart casual border for a meal out at the weekend, when a shirt feels too formal. I absolutely adore this inky blue shade too. French Connection, making some plus size menswear, yes!

I love these trousers but am fully aware that not every guy subscribes to my, real men wear pink life. These are most definitely not for the faint hearted or the shy and retiring but I literally love ASOS for making these trousers for guys in plus size and I can imagine several of our favourite plus size menswear bloggers absolutely killing these. If a guy rocked up to a date wearing these with some loafers I’d buy the first round. Keep the rest of the look super sleek and super simple. Team with a classic white or black shirt and a well cut blazer, add some loafers and be cool, remember you wear the trousers, don’t let them wear you.

While plus size menswear is definitely having a moment right now, I’d like to salute the plus size women and men who have led the way. From shoppers being more demanding to the bloggers that have shown brands that style exists after a ‘standard size’. When plus size womenswear started to grow, we got the basics and no more. Over the past five years that has changed dramatically and that in itself is amazing. The fact that ASOS plus size menswear line is half a year in and they’re producing the basics and trend focussed and fun pieces is so good and we will always support that!

Just one thing, and this isn’t bitter, but…

Anyone else wondering why plus size designer menswear seems to be easier to buy into than the equivalent female brands? I’m not knocking it – I honestly think ASOS have absolutely smashed the game and have clearly had a helping hand in getting these brands into producing up to a 4XL, but why it that brands can rationalise ‘big and tall’ man but big women so much less so?



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine