Plus Size Forever 21

Forever 21 is synonymous with carefree, youthful style for all sizes, but we are particularly excited about their new look book for plus. While we are used to their “fast fashion” brand of trendiness, there is a different edge to the new spring line. By far and away my favorite piece is the floral embroidered faux-leather jacket. Depending on how you style it, it can go from a soft boho take on a moto or full-on Guns n’ Roses. We love that this season isn’t just about trends or wardrobe staples but it plays with the “festivalwear” trend, which is a space that plus has not really been a part of until very recently. Graphic tees and emoji patches give it the millennial frivolity while tattered denim, leather-looks and layered accessories give it the rocker touch.

“We’re excited to bring our shoppers an updated line of plus fashion that’s both edgy and bold,” says Vice President of Merchandising Linda Chang. “Our plus customer is confident and fashion forward, undefined by size. This is reflected in our new Spring Plus Collection.”

Forever 21+ seems to get the essence of the new plus shopper. Many young women are growing up in an era of body positivity and size acceptance, thanks to the women who have blazed a trail to combat fat-shaming and the ideals of the past. They don’t think twice to want the same cutoffs that their squad will be wearing all summer, which is why I applaud F21+ for finally serving up true short-shorts and distressed miniskirts.

Despite the name or the trends that focus on those young enough to still have summers off, Forever 21 is still meant for all ages, even yours truly, who admittedly identifies more with Gen X than with millennials. Seeing young rising models, Barbie Ferreira and Lulu Bonfils rock chokers and combat boots in this new campaign gives me all the 90s feels – which I love!

The price point gives all of us a chance to try out trends we might not usually be willing to invest in or incorporate fun pieces into our wardrobe. This is especially true for those of us who are new to embracing our size or grew up in an era before fashion was accessible in plus sizes. No matter your style or age, we all have those days where we want to cut loose with some ripped jeans or a moto jacket. The tattered light wash denim skirt will be a staple for the summer, over swimwear or under a cool kimono jacket.

One thing we all need this summer is a new swim suit! F21+ has always excelled in swimwear, with their retro construction that is sure to support and flatter. At the NYC spring launch dinner, curvy VIPs and press got a chance to see the whole of the new spring line up close and I must say that the fabrics are divine! The bodysuits are light and soft while the swim is supportive but not too rigid. The maillots with cheeky phrases like “Hello/goodbye” or “Not Your BAE” are tailored towards those young body-posi warriors mentioned earlier, who are largely saying goodbye to support mesh and opting for these unlined versions that sit on your curves rather than sculpting them. They will have fun prints and styles for everyone cycling through their site through the warmer months so be sure to check the site often!



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine