Topshop Uses Plus Size Model and the Internet is Mad About It

Image: Topshop

Topshop launched their new denim campaign today and the internet hit back at their use of more body diverse models.
Yep you read that right.
Topshop included plus size model Paloma Elsesser in their denim campaign video and in several images to promote their new denim collection – but why is the internet cross?

After all don’t we want greater diversity?

Here’s the catch though, while it is great that Topshop have added Paloma to their stable for this season’s campaign, many women are angry because the use of a plus size model doesn’t seem to reflect the brands often size-ist views.

Topshop has long been the teenage mecca in the Arcadia family that prides itself on its fashion forward aesthetic and that has never included a plus size range or much in the way of size extension.

While Topshop used to regularly stop at a size 14, over the years a handful of size 16’s and 18’s have infiltrated shelves, but that is where the inclusivity ends. The retailer has also been accused of perpetuating an unhealthy body image in the past by using overly slimmed down mannequins in store.

Shoppers were quick to call out the retailer on social media leaving plenty of comments on the brands Facebook post about the campaign.

So why this sudden change? And is it much of a change at all?

Plus size shoppers seem to disagree. The appearance of a plus size model by its very nature implies that Topshop have seriously extended their sizes, meaning customers feel this latest campaign is almost misleading. And while Paloma can, like many other size 18’s shop the brands extensive denim range, when it comes to mainline product, items are both few and far between and rarely cut appropriately.

It seems that Topshop are jumping on the bandwagon for size acceptance and body positivity but this may have just blown back in their faces. So while yes, Paloma can buy a size 18 jean, her very presence alludes to a real change of inclusivity for the brand that they haven’t yet seemed to follow through on.

Of course maybe this is simply a nod to the future, Topshop Curve anyone?

Image: Topshop


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine