Plus Size Love

You may have seen the internet buzzing with news of the new ‘plus size’ tinder style app ‘WooPlus’ but would you log on to a site that was aimed specifically at those who were inclined towards curves? Or do you prefer traditional dating apps and sites that really show love comes in all shapes and sizes and our requirements from a partner aren’t as basic as whether  they are in the XL or over category?

The site, which makes clear it has a zero tolerance policy on trolling was set up to ensure that plus size women could connect with men that truly appreciated their curves, but don’t we already have enough barriers in the fashion market without segregating plus size women in dating circles too?

Being a plus size woman on the dating scene shouldn’t automatically turn you into a fetish stereotype and I’d like to think that we have culturally and socially developed to the point that we can see past just the basic animal level of attraction.

Now of course lots of people really do stick to a ‘type’ and will love the fact that there is now a tinder style app that will provide hours of swiping enjoyment.

Check out what we had to say to the Huffington Post on this new app:

Rivkie Baum, editor of plus size magazine SLiNK believes the app takes the idea of dating to a very “basic, animalistic level”.

“While certainly we know that the concept of ‘BBW’ is seen as a fetish, I’d like to think that most of us, when looking for a partner take a slightly deeper approach,” she tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

“Most of us want to find someone that loves and appreciates our mind, body and soul as a package.”

“I applaud the app for having a zero tolerance policy for any trolling and I am sure there will be plenty of men and women who welcome a dating environment that doesn’t judge their body in the way many find on the standard apps, but I can’t help feeling that continuing to make bigger bodies into a fetish by segregating them continues to make falling in love with someone above a size 18 seem unusual.”


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine