Get Festival Ready, with our plus size festival guide

For many of us, we are just excited for the sun and fun of the Spring and Summer months. For others, it means only one thing: festival season is upon us! Music festivals have been the hot ticket for generations, but lately it is so much more than a way to experience your favorite artists live. It’s a lifestyle. Like out of a movie, it’s built up to be an adolescent fever dream of summer romances, cutting-edge trends and memories that will last a lifetime. You have waited patiently for the lineup announcement and were first of your squad to drop a fortune on the pre-sale tickets, so that means there is only one thing left: The Wardrobe.

We challenged Renee Cafaro of @foxyroxyfashion to choose her summer festival wardrobe from City Chic for the top festivals on the circuit. (NOT SPONSORED)

Inspired by the many celebs gracing Instagram in their perfectly-curated-to-look-effortless boho getups, “festivalwear” has taken on a life of its own. Coachella was arguably the first to solidify festival fashion as an annual trend with everyone in Hollywood from Kate Hudson to Selena Gomez making the pilgrimage to Indio, California. In the era before social media, I had frequented Coachella back when it was a bit more rave and a little less Beyonce, but it always had a desert style all its own. Every festival is now evolving into its own brand of fashion, so how is the average music lover supposed to keep track of these trends? Never fret, as we have teamed up with City Chic to give you an All-Access pass to their new lookbooks – perfect for every summer gig! We will get you ready to slay the season so hard that you’ll look like you belong in the VIP tent!

Destination: Coachella

Definition: California cool, upscale-boho, desert and Native American vibes

Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

How to get the look:

You will need to start with classic hippie-inspired pieces that play with bohemian embellishments, like fringe and embroidery, then layer on the accessories. Wear City Chic’s aptly-named tasseled Hendrix Kimono over their cutout romper and round out the look with cowboy ankle boots and loads of lariat necklaces, rings and statement earrings. Whether you are going for the Aztec Maxi dress or the white bell sleeve top with their crochet Frolic shorts, you will need this wide brown leather belt. Top it all off with a floppy hat and oversized shades, if you are not feeling like braiding feathers in your hair or sporting the requisite flower crown.



Destination: Bonnaroo

Definition: Down-to-earth, southern grit, Coachella with a bit of a drawl

Style Icon: Taylor Swift

How to get the look: Bonnaroo is a little bit country and a little bit Hollywood, much like Taylor. Many of the same big acts like Kanye play this festival, but since the ‘Roo takes place in Tennessee, many who head down to the farm in overalls and plaids. Don’t be fooled by the more grungy look, as many still take much care to look cute, so think of having a little of both. These overalls are a great place to start, but balance it out with an extra cute off-the-shoulder crop top. If you are going for ripped jeans or frayed cutoffs, bring a bit of rockabilly sexiness with the Cutie Pie halter or floral Pretty Girl top. We love the ease of the dress. It’s lightweight and flattering but add a bit of toughness, like the army green of the Utility Dress or wear combat boots with the Pretty Daisy dress. Leave your accessories at home unless they have a good function. Get a bandana that can keep your hair up or the dust out of your nose!

Destination: Glastonbury

Definition: Music and mud. British rock/pop icons and hip breakout acts all on one field

Style Icon: Kate Moss

How to get the look: When I think Glastonbury I think of style legends like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss possibly going to see their rocker boyfriends. It’s a simpler, more chic, edgy style embodied by their uniforms of cutoffs, flowy tops, leather jackets and wellies.

Oh, the wellies!

I’m not sure why Glastonbury always seems to rank #1 in mud out of all of these festivals but you best come prepared.


If you don’t already have a pair you love, Jessica Kane has designed a line of wide-calf wellies for Jileon. This way you can be comfortable as you trudge from stage to stage. As for the clothing, when it is too hot for the moto jacket opt for a jean jacket with some flare like the on-trend Jet Patch jacket or this bold black fringe jacket.  I love City Chic tops and want them all! The Off-the-shoulder, the Strappy Lover in basic black, or the Flirty Lace blouse in Cornflower will skim over your hips. If you are daring, go for short-shorts that just peek through the tunic tops.

Destination: Electric Daisy Carnival

Definition: Neon, glow-in-the dark, revival of raves

Style Icon: Any late-90’s club kid

How to get the look: Go bright or go home! Electric Daisy is different than all the rest, not only because it takes place in several cities, but it is the only one dedicated to EDM. Sadly, City Chic can’t supply you with the raver boots, glow necklaces, or neon wigs, but you can get some bold pieces to build from. I love the black harness-belted dress and leather-look colorblock skirt for this! Personally, I like to go more Miami club than cartoonish club kid, but to each their own! If you want to go for a full-on fun vibe, The Fruity Fever top would look amazing with bright shades and these white short-shorts! Bonus points for a mini backpack, cat ears and some sort of outrageous leg wear! (skirt here: City Chic)

No matter what your festival plans are with your friends, City Chic will be your one stop shop for all your festivalwear needs! When you post your summer escapades on social, don’t forget to tag your crew as part of our #SlinkSquad !! Now…time to leave it all out on the field!



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine