Get it before it goes – Plus Size Shorts

plus size embellished shortsSorry, we just have to sound our fashion klaxon! Every so often, our deep love and time wasting on ASOS pays off as we find total gems and when we do, we take them to you to share, because we are nice that way. This is why we bring you, the co-ord to kick off 2017. Plus size shorts are still relatively thin on the ground. We have managed to get some sort of Daisy Duke situation going on, but in terms of sassy shorts, they aren’t in plentiful supply. So this pair of embellished shorts with co-ordinating top (ASOS Curve Exclusive – Embellished Shorts £30 &  ASOS Curve Exclusive plus size shorts asos curve– Embellished Top £32) – that makes the full look a mere £62 is a perfect buy now to enjoy when summer comes purchase. Easy to dress up for summer occasions or nights out this is such a fun alternative to a dress and the co-ord style is a nod to the playsuit too. Get them before they sell out!

ASOS Curve Exclusive – Embellished Shorts £30

ASOS Curve Exclusive – Embellished Top £32


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine