The Lust List: Raincoat

We all know what British summertime is like so it comes as no surprise that this is simply the best time of year to grab a cute plus size raincoat.

v3770896_lilac_joss_07.03.16_hm_751313_aWith the likes of The Isle of Wight Festival kicking off next week, although we are being treated to the odd sunny day we are by no means in the middle of a serious summer heat wave! So we are loving this cute holographic raincoat from Missguided

Raincoats are a great staple for Spring, Early Summer and the start of Fall too and if you live in the UK rain is a permanent fixture, so if you gotta wear plastic coating you may as well make it cute!

This one is also great for ensuring your friends can still spot you in a crowd too, so if you’re worried about getting lost just make sure they’re looking out for the chick reflecting the sun!




-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine