3 Digital Fashion Magazines You Should Be Reading

Love fashion? Don’t we all. But, where do you get your fix? Do you trawl the internet looking for fantastic fashion bloggers to follow, religiously checking the social media accounts of your favourite brands? Or, have you been savvy enough to scout out a few digital fashion magazines? If you’ve yet to subscribe to a digital magazine, rest assured that there’s nothing quite so good for the soul as whiling away the hours with pages upon pages of photography, inspiration, interviews and ideas… especially when they’re all accessible on the device in your hand! Here are three of the best magazines you should be reading right now.


Winner of the Digital Magazine Award’s ‘Fashion Magazine of the Year 2015’ by, THE EDIT is a magazine for anyone interested in luxury fashion. Impeccably designed, THE EDIT draws you in with its clean white spaces, high quality copy and beautiful photography. And best of all, it’s been designed to integrate seamlessly with the luxury fashion brand’s shopping experience. It also presents an engaging mix of photography, tutorials, prose and video content to hold your interest for the entire 30 pages.

2. Dazed Digital

If mainstream, ‘seen it all before’ content is boring you to distraction, why not try Dazed magazine? Dazed Digital’s online platform is “where pop meets the underground… champion[ing] radical fashion and youth culture, defining the ties with the vanguard of next generation writers, stylists and image makers”. We love the variety of content this magazine offers, its challenging attitude and the fact that it’s actually 30 years old (not the digital version, obviously) but feels utterly new. The magazine features fantastic fashion articles with titles such as “How radical Japanese fashion inspired Belgium’s avant garde” and “How ethical fashion is part of the feminist fight”, perfect for feeding the part of your brain that needs something more stimulating than gossip columns.

3. COMPLETE Magazine

Ever wondered why no one had come up with a magazine that pulled together and reviewed the most exclusive accessories from around the world? So did the creators of COMPLETE magazine, deciding to make a single resource to showcase the world’s most desirable fashion accessories. There’s content from leading fashion designers and commentators, including coverage of the world’s fashion events, interviews with major players and contributions from well respected fashion bloggers too. The magazine also tells you how to get your hands on elusive items that aren’t available online, and dives into the details in the products they review, as well as offering suggestions on how to style jewellery and other must-have items.

If you like an old-school, traditional printed magazine once in a while too, why not try a Google search for ‘magazine subscriptions UK’ and sign yourself up for a series of issues to arrive in the post every month? After all, there are times when you just can’t beat turning the pages of a tangible magazine, no matter how convenient digital magazines are!


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine