Model Watch: Rebel Wilson

Not quite a model as such, but SLiNK fav, Rebel Wilson will be gracing the cover of the UK version of Marie Claire’s July Issue.

The gorgeous blonde is seen here on the cover, looking sensational in bold red, but online site, is asking… Why glossy magazines always hide plus size starlets bodies when they grace a cover.

And it IS an interesting and very pertinent question.

While SLiNK doesn’t always have a full body shot – because essentially a cover relies heavily on eye contact of the subject and the potential reader (not always but we read it somewhere, honest) if we look at the majority of celebrity covers from women’s glossies, almost always hosts a full body shot. But when it comes to the likes of Rebel Wilson and Adele, the body is omitted for their ‘oh so pretty face’.

Is it still the case of ‘You have such a pretty face for a big girl’ or is it simply the way it has ended up? Is there an underlying message of, we want you on the cover, just not all of you?

Image: Marie Claire UK / Fusion.Net

Marie Claire of course is one of the most inclusive fashion magazines in the UK, recently appointing plus size blogger, Callie Thorpe as their first ever ‘Curve Columnist’ so they are clearly ok with featuring plus size fashion.

We think it is easy to jump to conclusions about the face cover shot vs full body and Rebel’s latest cover is to be fair absolutely stunning.

We should be excited and applaud magazine’s that DO feature plus size stars on their covers, regardless of cropped in or zoomed out because all of this is steps towards greater representation.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine