Model Watch: Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday it seems is rarely out of the press these days but this weekend, Tess Holliday was stealing headlines for a press posed editorial and interview with UK newspaper, The Telegraph, in the glossy Fashion Magazine supplement. Although, this was not a shoot about the clothes, as Tess, who, at seven months pregnant literally posed butt naked for the spread that delved into the life and times of the model that batted off criticism and shrugged off the nay sayers to be one of the modelling success stories of last year. Tess, who is about to give birth to her second child, is interviewed by journalist Bryony Gordon, who does a fantastic job on setting the scene for the industry both past and present while delving into Tess’s life, giving a voice to the person behind the headlines.

Of course, SLiNK editor, Rivkie Baum, was chuffed to be included in the piece alongside Tess’s model agent, Anna Shillinglaw from MiLK model management. Stressing that Tess has continuously showed that the media construct of what beautiful and successful women has constantly be challenged and disproven by Tess and that’s what makes people mad. For years, women have been told that they have to be a certain size and be a certain way in order to have it all and then here comes Tess, at her size, expecting her second child, with a gorgeous husband, a modelling contract and a massive instagram following – challenging everything we have been told. No wonder people are going crazy.

The piece is brilliant and well worth a read, so check it out here: EFF YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS – The Telegraph Fashion, Bryony Gordon

Photo: Alex Cayley



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine