How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Ladies, we’ve been there. Shopping for jeans is often a hellish experience, causing many of us to huff with frustration, cry in the changing room (really, you’re not alone), and even stockpile an armful of the same jeans when you finally find the right pair. If you’re sick and tired of struggling to shimmy your way into unforgiving denim, you need to read these tips…

Focus on fit, not tags

First things first: stop looking at the size label – it tells you nothing. Some shops call their jeans a size 14, while another pair sporting exactly the same measurements are considered an 18. So, find a style you want to try on and pick up at least three sizes of the same pair to experiment with. Focus on fit rather than the label in the back, and try not to let your self-worth be determined by a fluctuating number from shop to shop!

Gaping at the waist?

There’s nothing more annoying than finding a pair of jeans that feel just right down the length of your legs and fasten comfortably around the waist, only to find that bending over causes the waistband to gape away from the small of your back. The only way to get around this is to go down a size. However, if a smaller size is pinching you uncomfortably elsewhere, try a high-waisted style instead – the cut is designed to fit snuggly around your middle without compromising on the proportions of the rest of the jean.

Try a style designed for men

Boyfriend jeans are great and still very much on trend, especially if you get your hands on a ‘distressed’ pair – or distress them yourself! Go for a slimmer boyfriend pair which will give your silhouette a laid back, casual vibe that you usually can’t achieve with traditional women’s skinny jeans, but will also not swamp your figure. By try a boyfriend jean designed for women you will get a slimmer cut, or, you can go for the real deal, and head straight to the men’s section. It is no longer a big deal and more and more brands are producing unisex collections. Don’t feel you have to stop there, why not channel your in ‘Beyonce – Like A Boy’ and grab an oversized t-shirt to go with; take a look at these Superdry mens t-shirts for some inspiration.

Do go a little smaller
Don’t be afraid to go a little smaller, denim does start to give after a few wears so it is better to feel a little bit more snug than loose as it will only get bigger. Just be prepared not to wash them too frequently (the machine will tighten them up again), and never, ever give them a spin in the tumble dryer!

… but not too small

It’s a good idea to invest in a pair at the smaller end of your size, but remember that jeans are supposed to be practical: they’re great for weekends, chasing after kids or heading out for drinks, and therefore should fit your lifestyle as much as your body. Make sure you are comfortable. There is no point buying a pair thinking they will give but then you don’t wear them because you feel uncomfortable. The truest test for jean shopping comes in trying on a pair after you’ve eaten a meal: if they still feel good, buy them!




-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine