London Fashion Week is rapidly approaching and ready to rock our world, but this year’s show could look a little different from the years before. Sharing the limelight with LFW will be the UK’s first official plus-size fashion show. Titled as the Official British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend. The event kicks off on the 15th of Februray – yep, the exact same day that LFW starts!

Organised by plus-size blogger, Remi Ray, the event has been designed to provide better information and style advice for people with larger frames. It’s about enhancing and embracing the body’s natural shapes and curves, whilst empowering larger women. Plus-size fashion brands, such as Simply Be and Cover-Up will be sponsoring the event and showing off their latest and most prized collections, whilst expert styling advice will be provided by French blogger, Gaelle Vanessa Prudencio. There will also be a clothes-swapping event which aims to encourage attendees to get involved in the action, mingle and make new friends.

The event has gathered considerable momentum and is being actively promoted on social platforms, where people are voicing their collective approval of the event: Jodell Raymond @blackcatplus @LondonPSFW Such a great idea! Feb. 15-16, 2013~ making “herstory!”

Many hope this event is a positive sign that a more inclusive fashion revolution is underway. More and more curvy women such as Adele, Kate Winslet and Kim Kardashian are making the front pages and plus-size beauty is picking up speed in the mainstream fashion world. True, there is still a divide between plus-size and mainstream fashion, but with high-profile fashion shows, such as this, that all looks set to change.

Written by: Ben Holbrook
When Ben Holbrook isn’t covering the latest fashion events you’ll find him blogging for online fashion retailer, Miinto.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine