WOW – name necklaces…

Perhaps it is still lingering from the obsession with Sex and the City, but name necklaces are still the coolest thing around, nothing says ‘Hey I’m a Superstar’ like having some personalised accessories. Stumbling through the Tatty Divine website ( I discovered that they do personalised necklaces! You get to choose up to 9 characters, select the colour, text style and a little charm to pop on too!

This is definitely something I will be adding to my jewellery box asap! Although I am debating between getting a ‘Rivkie’ one or going crazy and getting a ‘SLiNKmag’ one (I know I’m super cool).

So! Go design and order yours and then send us a snap of it when it arrives and we can start a Tatty Divine love gallery.

Tatty Divine
Tatty Divine
Tatty Divine

-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine

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