Press Day: Wacoal… LINGERIE

We had a great time at the Wacoal lingerie press day – Wacoal look after a whole host of your favourite lingerie brands including Freya and Elomi which are great for bigger busts. The bi annual press day which showcases to press what is coming up in swimwear and lingerie is a great excuse to make a mental shopping list of everything we want but also (and really) where we start to work out what pieces will feature in the magazine over the coming months.

We loved the new and redesigned shape wear line that will act as a second skin and aim to smooth out under clothes but not feel as constricted as regular shape wear. The fabrics felt amazing and the designs were so pretty, that it was nice to see some sexier shape wear ideas rather than something that bandages you up!

Have a peak at the gallery of shots we took and keep your eyes peeled for shopping features coming soon!


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine