Lorraine Kelly in Hot Water (not literally)

If you’re a regular watcher of the Lorraine show then you might have caught a glimpse of one of the nations favourite morning tv presenters making a bit of a gaff on May 12th (although I think this is being publicised now as complaints were made to Ofcom who are now investigating).

I say gaff, because I’m nice and I don’t want to swear. Plus I like to think that Lorraine – who designs a range for JD Williams – which happens to be part of the same company as plus size retailers Marisota and Simply Be – doesn’t mean what she says in the way she says it – but hey, I like to see the good in people.

Discussing gastric bands with Dr Hilary on her show this morning, Lorraine suggested that they were an easy cop out and allowed people to overeat. Or to ensure I get her exact words…

That gastric band surgery is the ‘Easy option’ and it allowed people to ‘guzzle deep fried lard’ as quoted in the Daily Mail

Now I have in the past stated that I don’t think bariatric surgery should be suggested and offered out at it’s current rate, nor should it be seen as the best or only solution for those who want to lose weight and I stand by that – but I don’t think people think, oh I will have another piece of cake, after all I can just have surgery. I do however completely respect those who elect to or have had it – we are all entitled to our own choices.

After all, losing weight and our relationship with food and our bodies, is often not given the complex attention it deserves and I believe that lifestyle adjustments and dealing with any underlying issues should be top of the list for the majority and surgery only when necessary. Of all those ‘eligible’ in the UK only around 1% go on to have the surgery.

I find Lorraine’s view so objectionable because quite simply it is life changing surgery and it is definitely NOT an easy to alter ones path for the rest of one’s life. It is a serious surgery and for many who have it they have been cajoled into having it and / or are at the end of their tether.

But most objectionable of all is how Lorraine essentially attempts to sum up, categories and stereotype overweight people, using the terminology she did ‘guzzle deep fat lard’ is hugely negative and disrespectful and also adds to a stereotype for plus size men and women that we have long been trying to change. It makes, like many body shammers assumption about someone because of their size and ignores any other social, mental or physical influences on a persons wellbeing.

The media has long created a stereotype of fat people simply rolling around at home gorging all day and it is sad to see that Lorraine Kelly has bought into that.

The very use of the idea of gorging on lard suggests such greed that they would consume anything and make it worse – is that really what you think Lorraine.

We are used to the portrayal of plus size women especially entering around such greed that is often spat out by the media in horror and all these ideas, terms and images seek to dehumanise someone simply because of their physicality and aims to remove and isolate them from society.

As someone in such a position of media power, I suggest you are a little more savvy next time Lorraine and think about plus size, weight loss, obesity – all that jazz before you speak. Weight, our bodies, food, it’s a complex issue, there are no easy options or quick fixes,

But most of all you’re talking about real people – remember that. Women, men, daughters, sons, children – have a little bit of respect.





-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine