Brand spotlight: This awesome indie label has extended sizes…

Every so often a brand suddenly comes on our radar, as if from no where. Social media makes the whole world feel smaller and falling down an Instagram hole can often reap some stylish rewards. With lockdown in full swing we are scrolling a lot, but this time it’s paid off as we have come across this amazing fashion brand that has an extensive inclusive, extended sizes line that has pieces from a size 2 to sizes 28/4XL. The plus size styles are gorgeous and premium and feel really directional. In fact we had to triple check that these pieces came in plus – they do! And we are stoked about it.

Fashion forward, wardrobe staples would probably be the best way to describe this collection. With gorgeous faux leather trench coats, faux leather puffer jacket and a very beautiful ankle grazing, faux fur teddy coat, this brand has winter all sewn up.

The label is called Hilary MacMillan and is described on their site as a cruelty-free, size inclusive womenswear brand. The label was founded in 2013 and is based out of Canada but ships globally – woohoo. Using high-quality and cruelty-free fabrics, this is very much a label for the modern women who is looking for timeless, well executed silhouettes that can be mixed in easily with ‘on-trend’ pieces. The style staple trench coats, faux leather trousers and sleek, curve caressing bodies means that this is a great place to pit stop for those real fashion investment purchases. At a more premium price point you can feel safe in the knowledge that these looks won’t date and you can enjoy them season after season.

The extended sizing is relatively new for the brand, launch select styles in a US 2-28 / UK 6-32 and XS to 4XL in 2020. Of the new(ish) move, Creative Director and Founder Hilary MacMillan said, “As an independent fashion brand, the timing had to be right and the consumer demand had to be there for it to be successful. With the popularity of our feminist jackets globally – which go up to a size 4X – combined with the many requests we received over the years to extend our sizes for our seasonal collections, we decided the time was now. Personally, I am vegan and not a size 2. I want my brand and the clothes I design to reflect aspects of my values and who I am, in addition to making my customers happy. It’s part of what I value and I how I relate to those who wear my clothes. I want to feel pride giving people options for confidence and comfort.” 

Speaking of the feminist jackets! We love a varsity jacket, but MacMillan’s interpretations have raced straight to the top of our list. The feminist jackets which come in black or in cream have feminist slogans on the back and you can get customised label embroidery. These go up to a 4XL and we are absolutely obsessed with them. With slogans like, ‘Everybody is a crop top body’, ‘Grl Pwr’, Equal Pay and ‘Feminist’ we think you’ll love them too. Additionally, 15% of all sales from the feminist capsule are donated to Up With Women and 100% of proceeds from the Equal Pay Jacket go to Black Women in Motion. 

We’ve highlighted a few of our personal favourite pieces below that are all in the extended size range! Enjoy! – Oh and they use Clearpay so you can pay in instalments!

All imagery Hilary MacMillan


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine