Christmas Gift Guide – Cook Books

Got a foodie in the family? Some of us (cough) have started to prefer cook books to novels, after all they are the gift that keeps on giving. It offers a host of tasty possibilities and whatever fare your friend or family member is after, there is a book for them. So we have rounded up our favourite recipe books that will make the perfect gift this holiday season. From healthy treats to indulgent feasts and lush lunch box ideas, gift a tasty treat this season.

Tray bake book, ASOS

One tray cooking, for the person that needs good food and not too much washing up, then this is the cook book to gift. It might be a standard christmas gift, but we will take a cook book over a novel any day! Packed with delicious recipes that can easily be prepped the night before, this is a handy gift for someone short on time but loves to tickle the taste buds. Plus we think it’s a rule that you then have to be invited to dinner to try said recipes.


Know a ramen noodle fan? Then this ‘Pimp my noodles’ book is the perfect partner. We are all guilty of spending far too much on our favourite style of food and opting to eat out instead of learning to cook it ourselves, so if you know someone who could do with learning this fare at home, then this book will be a well received gift. Noodles also make a great lunch box idea too, so this is a double dinner and lunch time ideas gift, great.


*Discount Klaxon* Buy one get one half price. Head over to Urban Outfitters – they do a surprisingly good selection of gifts and books, which as they don’t carry any plus size clothing, you might not know. If you know a millennial who can’t live without a healthy dose of avocado, then this ‘The Avocado cookbook’ is no brainer. Get that green goodness into all meals in many forms and learn how this ‘superfood’ is worthy of more than just the occasional green juice and avo on toast (although avo on toast is yummy).

*Discount Klaxon* Buy one get one half price. From avo to fizz, we aren’t totally purist, it is Christmas after all! This book is for those who love a cocktail but most importantly they must love Prosecco. This ‘Prosecco made me do it‘ cocktail book is a great gift for the festive period, but make sure you have a look inside first so you can gift it with some ingredients – so that the receiver can test out their cocktail skills straight away and then everyone wins!

Know someone who is big on lunch prep? Then this awesome lunchbox salads is a great stocking filler this year. The two authors ran their own lunch business, before  closing to focus on more consultancy projects but they left this great lunchbox salads book as a parting gift. Each section focusses on different key ingredient so you can use it to cost effectively prep lunches for a great way to kick start the new year. It is uncomplicated and packed with healthy ideas to keep you fuelled through the day.


It feels like everyone on our instagram feed is currently cooking dinner from this 5 Ingredients Quick and Easy cook book by Jamie Oliver. So if you know someone who likes to cook well on a budget, enjoys unfussy and methodical cooking then the 5 ingredient book is the one. So far the recipes we’ve seen look delicious and this is definitely on our list!

If you’ve had Jamie Oliver cookbooks before you’ll know that he really is the king of teatime!

One half of the famous foodies, the Hemsley sisters, Melissa has struck out alone to produce this 30 minute  feel good food cookbook. Packed with healthy recipes, meal prep ideas, cost saving ideas and cutting down on waste along with batch cooking, this is a great end of year gift for someone ready to get organised in the kitchen in 2018.

If you’ve had the hemsley and hemsley books then you will enjoy this sped up version of healthy and happy living.


Fantasy Cakes, magical recipes for fanciful bakes by Angela Romeo

The perfect gift for a keen baker and someone particularly artistic. Allow someone to stretch their skills (and bake you tasty treats).

If this unicorn cake on the cover doesn’t get you then we don’t know what will.

Evoke some warmer climes and give a guac lover this vibrant hardback Mexican cookbook, ‘Mexico, The Cookbook’. In a vibrant fluoro pink and orange this hefty book full of stunning Mexican fare that will destroy the need to ever pop out for Mexican food again.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine