Plus Size Fashion & Beauty Blogger Grace Victory…

Plus size fashion and beauty blogger, Grace Victory, who is best known for her outspoken youtube channel, The Ugly Face of Beauty, where she openly discusses body image, mental health, sex and of course fashion has launched her first book, No Filter.

Grace, who has also been working with the BBC on a series of hard hitting documentaries such as her much acclaimed doc on the wellness industry ‘Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets’ has had a busy year, with much momentum building up to the release of the book.

Grace’s first foray out of the digital world sees her tell her story and how she has battled through traumatic events to now preach self love to millions of young girls looking to the ‘internets big sister’ for advice. In fact the internet has been awash with praise this weekend for Grace’s brave account, that her fans (old and new) are excitedly pouring over her words of wisdom.

Grace who recently worked on imagery for plus size fashion brand, Evans, got her modelling co-star, Danielle Vanier to style her for the books cover.

The book is where Grace, who is already very open on her vlog, continues to share with her legions of fans about anxiety, love, sex and body image as she hopes to continue to be a source of inspiration. The book, which has received welcoming reviews in its first weekend of sales is set to be the first of many major projects for Grace over the coming months. So watch this space.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine