Plus Size Denim that FITS

Who has done the denim dance? The jean jump and the why wont they go on wiggle? It seems that whatever size you are, finding jeans that fit is a universal issue.

Plus size retailer Evans have prided themselves on focussing on fit for plus size women for years but they really wanted to get to the root of the issue and understand the pitfalls consumers face when shopping and launched a survey to get to grips with the pitfalls.

The results were truly insightful. A whopping 1 in 5 British women still haven’t found the perfect fit when it comes to jeans – amazing really when you consider how booming the denim industry is.

And this is probably because the average British woman will buy two pairs of jeans every year (not that much you cry?) well apparently we also throw out two pairs a year because they simply don’t fit. So are we stuck in cycle?

And it isn’t for lack of trying 1 in ten women said they had to try on at least 5 pairs of jeans to find something that fit when shopping for denim. While nearly half just end up frustrated by all this changing room drama.

And while denim is the main culprit in this not so retail therapy… more retail tragedy, the problem doesn’t end there. Fit overall is an issue, with one in five women reporting that they have been stuck in an item of clothing in a changing room (come on we have totally all been there). Although a shout out to the 1 in 10 of you who have fallen over while trying on clothes in the changing room.

Evans have created this fun video to illustrate the changing room struggle – I dare you to watch it and not relate to the women in the video.

And share your stories with the #fashionthatfits hashtag

The team at Evans spend a lot of time making sure plus size women get the best fit, especially when it comes to their ever increasing plus size jeans line.

The Evans pear fit jeans have become infamous among the blogger community; “Finding well-fitting denim as a plus size woman is usually a nightmare, but Evans have so much choice and so many different fits there is bound to be something for everyone! My favourite are the ultrastretch pear fit. Good for bums and tums!” – Hayley Stewart from Curves & Curls.

But it isn’t just jeans. Rebecca, Evans lead designer is always thinking about fabric, fastening, seam and pocket detailing on every plus size garment to ensure that they are ergonomically sound. They work on a shape fit brief and consider how garments work across the spectrum, from apple, busty, hourglass and pear.

Whether you are after everyday plus size dresses, separates or casual wear. Evans is there for you. Plus size denim is equally top on their list with one of the most comprehensive collections available.

With 190 outlets nationwide and over 74 stores worldwide, we kinda reckon that Evans know a thing or two about dress curves. And when plus size fit is on the agenda, we are putting our butt into Evans plus size denim… #fashionthatfits


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine