Big Fit Girl

Louise Green¬†has been sending waves across the UK and on Friday she took a pitstop at Forever 21‘s newly launched plus size department to promote her new book, Big Fit Girl.

The book, which is available now on amazon, discusses how the the fitness industry fails to meet the needs of plus size women and subsequently stops them improving their health and fitness. Green uses the book to tell her own story about how she changed her lifestyle and embraced her inner athlete while encouraging other women to do the same.

The book also lays out advice on how to get started with improving health and fitness and create a support network to help keep you on track, as well as how to find the right activity for you, what to wear, setting goals and tackling that all important relationship with food.

Louise also stresses the importance of inspiring others – something SLiNK definitely agrees with, because it is only by seeing other plus size women exercising that plus size women who have been scared about embracing their inner athlete can join and improve their fitness too. For too long fitness has been seen as something only available to a particular dress size, but Big Fit Girl and Louise Green are smashing those stereotypes one book and work out at a time!



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine