5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles You Can Do In Less than 5 Minutes

Waking up late and realising you need to be out of the door in 10 minutes is never a good situation for your hair to be in. However, rather than having a bad hair day, there are some quick and easy hairstyles out there that will save you in those moments when you’ve hit snooze one too many times.

To ensure you never have to worry about your locks and lack of time again, check out these five quick and easy hairstyles that should take you no longer than five minutes:

A big bouncy ponytail

Ponytails look best when they’re full of volume, so if your hair is short then don’t be afraid to add some hair extensions. However, you can achieve that volumised look even if you have limited hair at hand by following these simple steps to create an excellent double ponytail:

  • Pull half of your hair up behind your head and fix with a tie, leaving the rest loose. Put the remaining hair into a pony right beneath the first one and then tease your top ponytail using a comb to create some extra oomph and fix with hair spray.
  • You shouldn’t be able to see the lower ponytail but you should have plenty of volume, length and bounce!

The roll and tuck

If you have long, unruly, thick hair that won’t be tamed then this up-do is perfect for you. Here’s how to achieve this look:

  • Split your hair into four different sections and clip back.
  • Then, starting with the section at the base of your neck, twist the locks around each other and pin down.
  • Do this with the other sections but twist in opposite directions to create texture. Once you’ve prepared each section, fold them over each other and use the last section of hair to make it look tidy by fixing it down with pins.
  • Click here for some helpful reference pictures.

Twisted romantic

If you don’t have masses of hair, then this cute twisted do is perfect for you:

  • Starting from the front, take two sections of your hair on each side and twist these.
  • Pull one back and fix it to the nape of your neck with pins, do the same on the other side of your parting.
  • Brush the rest of your hair so it sits neatly over these pinned back twisted strands and fix them with hairspray to avoid any flyaway hairs.

A bouffant of a beehive

The late Margaret Vinci Heldt’s iconic beehive hairstyle was created in the 1960s, with a lot of hairspray and backcombing. To create your own beehive, you need hair that is verging on greasy to give it more hold, here are the steps:

  • Flick the top section of your hair forward and tease more volume into it with a comb, holding it in place with lots of hairspray.
  • Have a look in the mirror and fix the top part of your hair at your desired height of bouffant then take the remaining hair and twist them all together
  • Finally, wrap the twist into a bun directly under you hive of hair and pin it discreetly slightly to one side.

Braids for days

A simple way of hiding hair that could really do with a wash is by braiding it. An up do that features braids is a simple and speedy braided chignon.

  • Take your two front strands of hair and plait these, secure the ends with thin elastics.
  • Take the rest of your hair and plait this before rolling it into a bun and securing with a hair tie or pins.
  • Grab those two plaits at the front and pull these back, pin them into place amidst the bun you’ve already created and you’re done!

-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine