Festive Beauty Gifts

beauty gifts for great skinEarlier in the year a good friend and fellow makeup artist introduced me to Rejuvenated and I haven’t looked back since! Whilst I love this time of year, my skin does not!! Freezing temperatures and central heating coupled with a busy schedule and a slightly extravagant diet year on year my skin will take a turn for the worse. It turns dull, dry, always a little flakey around the nose and as a result the fine lines become… well anything but fine!

collagen shots beautiful skinThat was the case for me year on year, but this year… my skin is better than ever and I have my new friends over at Rejuvenated to thank!

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My current recipe of choice is their H3O Night Repair Capsules, washed down with the Award Winning Collagen Shots drink at bedtime and I will never look back. Packed with amino acid peptides and free-radical antioxidants my skin is finally getting the TLC it deserves from the inside and boy does it show on the outside!

revitaliseWhat better gift for a loved one, or indeed yourself, than the gift of beautiful, glowing, youthful looking skin!


Have a Wonderful Christmas SLiNK SQUAD!!!

Jen Xx

SLiNK beauty editor


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