Victoria’s Secret Show is Scrapped

It seems that the Victoria’s Secret show that had suffered a decline in ratings in recent years has been binned off altogether. The fashion show, featuring the brand’s ‘Angels’ had been widely slammed for a lack of diversity and the belief that the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s promoted an unrealistic body type.

The show that was a music and model extravaganza and had been graced by huge international acts in the last few years had always been a big part of the fashion calendar and showcased extravagant ‘couture’ pieces to elevate the brand and of course the range of OTT Angel Wings – the signature pieces of the show that took models to supermodel status.

The brand has not shied away from controversy and while the rest of the industry embraced diversity, Victoria’s Secret did everything possible to hold on to the unrealistic ‘Angels’ that had once made the company a firm favourite.

There had been much talk about the possibility of a show that increased diversity – and sadly it seems that Victoria’s Secret would rather throw out the concept altogether than embrace change in the industry.

Another nail in the coffin could also have been the emergence of Rihanna’s incredible Savage x Fenty line that has built itself on diversity and recently showed an incredible music and model extravaganza at NYFW that was then showed on Prime Video on Amazon – essentially the forward thinking, sexier more diverse version of what Victoria’s Secret could have been.

Earlier this year customers might have believed that the brand was changing after plus size model and former SLiNKette Ali Tate became the face and bod of the Bluebella x Victoria’s Secret collab – but it is important to note that the hook up with the UK brand is not of course mainline and only goes to an XL / 36DD – so we got a way to go yet!

Of course there are no shortage of incredible plus size models Victoria’s Secret could use – with the likes of Ashley Graham often tabled as a great option for the brand.

Lane Bryant – 2015 – I’m No Angel

With plus size brands growing in confidence – many have used the lack of diversity in Victoria’s Secret shows as a spring board for their own campaigns, including the highly successful ‘I’m No Angel’ campaign from Lane Bryant in 2015.

The follow up Lane Bryant – Plus is Equal campaign

While it remains to be seen if Victoria’s Secret will bounce back and finally embrace body diversity, here are some plus size lingerie brands we love – CLICK HERE: PLUS SIZE LINGERIE.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine