Christian Siriano is on the Time 100 List and we aren’t even surprised.

Christian Siriano
Photograph by Peter Hapak for TIME

The Time 100 list is the list of most influential people in the world. From varied fields, walks of life and with final and different destinations, the comprehensive list is all about who is making waves and influencing opinion right now.

Fashion designer Christian Siriano has this year made it to the Time 100 list and we are honestly not even a little bit surprised but we are definitely raising a glass to the man that is resetting what a New York Fashion Week runway show looks like.

At his most recent show at NYFW, Chrisitan Siriano showed both his largest collection to date and one that hosted the most varied models. And Siriano’s shows are a big deal, this is a major player telling fashion editors that a change is coming and the challenge has been both accepted and executed.

Siriano is not shy about dressing women of all shapes and sizes. While most fashion designers run from the opportunity of dressing non size 0 actresses, Christian swoops in to ensure that all women have the opportunity for that princess moment.

A true design talent, this isn’t merely a fad, like plus has been to many of his fashion counterparts, this is Christian both sending a message but also reminding the industry that forgetting the 67% of women who fall into the plus category that it is a mistake to forget them from the fashion narrative.

Siriano told Time 100: “I’m so sick of people saying ‘I can’t wear this, it’s for models.’ It made me insane. So I was like, ‘Ok, well then I’m going to make my models look more like you.’” #TIME100

Christian Siriano deserves that spot on the Time 100 list for continuing to make waves in the industry while still keeping the fantasy and beautiful escapism that we associate with designer fashion, he is showing other designers that the combination of diversity and design can work if you’re talented and smart enough to know how to do.

Watch the video here:

photo: Christian Siriano: Photograph by Peter Hapak for TIME



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine