Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

It is that time of year, where we panic about what to wear to the host of summer weddings and if you are having a last minute plus size bridesmaid dress panic then here are our topic picks.

This beautiful dress came out last year in golden hues and was actually worn by Danielle Vanier to Callie Thorpe’s wedding. Ever since then the brand has had to continuously remake this stunning style of dress that is a constant sell out. This is a plus size occasion wear dress that will turn heads and you will really cherish. Stunning sequin work in a beautiful silhouette.

Lovedrobe at ASOS £129

This stunning dress from plus size label Studio 8 (part of the Phase Eight group) is the perfect plus size occasion wear option. If you still don’t have a plus size dress to wear to this season’s weddings then this could solve your problems.

The muted tones but stunning floral print make it the perfect option. Sophisticated and stunning.

Studio 8 NOW £89 (was £175)

How beautiful is this floral print plus size dress. The muted base makes this totally bridesmaid appropriate and as it is from Navabi brand, Manon Baptiste it is in sizes 14 to 28!

The bright florals make this a great summer option as it is beautiful and vibrant.

Navabi £110.99


Whatever you wear to the big day, the plus size selection for bridesmaid and occasion wear dresses has improved hugely so shop around and don’t panic. But most of all, enjoy!


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine