Styles for the Plus Size Man

Size should not become a barrier to great style, and the fashion industry is slowly realizing that bigger sizing can be fashionable. However, over the years, the world of fashion and the media have been focusing on womenswear, forgetting about the plus size man. We constantly hear about a woman’s shape and size, but where is the talk about men facing similar struggles?

Unfortunately, many high-street retailers do not sell clothes catering to the various men’s body shapes. Unlike women’s clothing ranges, there is rarely Petite or Tall options, and taller or stockier guys usually equate to the category of ‘plus-sized.’ These limitations make it challenging for men to find great wardrobe options.

In recent months a few high street plus size menswear collections have filtered through but here are a few more tips and tricks of the trade.

If you’re plus size and wondering how to dress, here are a few tips for you to follow.

Tailor Yourself

Very rarely do people find themselves fitting perfectly into a garment of clothing. Remember clothing is cut to a standardised block and as weight distributes differently especially as we get bigger, it is even trickier if shopping for plus size.

If a t-shirt fits around the chest, it may be too long in the arms, and similarly, if a pair of pants is the correct leg length, you may need a belt to help them sit around your waist.

An example of this common struggle is the suit. Many people realize after years of wearing them that they’re in fact sporting the wrong fit. However, there are many services ensuring you find the perfect suit such as, who can offer custom tailoring on suits, coats, pants and shirts.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layering is a great way of elongating the torso. Keep one colour underneath that draws the eye up and down the body and then layer a plaid shirt or a great piece of knitwear, such as a longline cardigan over the top. The panel effect created is similar to that of a panelled dress. Making you look a few extra inches taller too.

Black is Irreplaceable

You see fashion magazines saying “such-and-such is the new black!” Yet it seems as if black will always be referred to as the most bulletproof way for someone to effortlessly look cool and fashionable. It also pretty much works as a base for most prints and patterns and means you can create a capsule wardrobe and then add prints and patterns as you go, such as a key jacket or shirt for the season.


Accessories can be your best friend. They have the ability to ‘make’ an outfit. Don’t be afraid to try a scarf or a trilby, there is also a great selection of men’s focussed jewellery too, fashion should be fun and playful. Don’t get too caught up in rules or tradition.

And if you need a little bit more style inspo, then check out our favourite male plus size fashion bloggers.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine