Plus Size Workout Clothes

There has been a mega boom in the number of brands waking up to the realisation that plus size women need plus size activewear and workwear clothing too. Not just because you can be fit and fat but also because you can’t harp on about plus size women being more active and then expect us to do it in our pants (this isn’t primary school you know). So whilst the high street has been busying itself rolling out plus size fitness pieces for a season or too and NIKE has just launched extended sizes, we are super excited to see that dedicated fitness brand, Fabletics, fronted by mega star Kate Hudson, is on the plus size fitness bandwagon too.

So who are Fabletics and what are they doing?

Fabletics is really all about keeping your gym wardrobe fresh and up to date. While we used to be happy enough rolling into the gym in some old Primark leggings and a baggy tee, the world of athleisure and yoga wear has moved onto a point where being a gym bunny comes with a new set of fashion rules too. And to be honest, putting on some cute activewear to the gym makes us feel better before we have even got our sweat on.

Listening to customer feedback, Fabletics have now extended their size range launching a plus size division with sizes 1x-3x which means they now go right up to a UK size 30 – previously to a size 24 (which surprises us as we didn’t realise!) rivalling the likes of Simply Be for their workout gear crown. And with prices starting around £20, this is some seriously good plus size workout wear – as it is developed to do the job and at a decent price point.

Here are out top picks from the plus size section:
Element Outfit from £28.18

We love the vibrant print and pattern of these leggings with the matching cropped sports bra top. There is something about a matching gym set that makes us feel super professional and like we can do all the moves in the class (even if we can’t)

The reason we say from £28.18 is explained more below but it is basically because Fabletics is more about membership than one off shopping so the price you pay is based on that.

This outfit includes a tank tee too.

Syntax Outfit from £23.63

This bright and fun print legging and tank set will surely help you stand out from the crowd at the gym. But be careful as that might mean your gym instructor will notice when you’re busy checking your fine self out in the mirror rather than working hard on your plank.

So how does Fabletics work exactly?

The premise of Fabletics is that it is more of a club than it is a shop. You join up and become a member and your membership fee essentially means that you receive a new workout outfit every month – fitness motivation if ever you needed one! The perks of membership is about getting discounts and earning rewards based on your shopping – and you can cancel membership at any time (if you suddenly give up on the gym) and you can also skip a month (say if you’re off on holiday).

Before they set you up fully there is also a questionnaire that finds out what type of activities you’re into so they can provide you with the proper work out gear.

This is really one for those that spend a decent amount of time at the gym and like to look cute and now if your plus size you can have cute work out gear too!

imagery: Fabletics


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine