4 Reasons Treat Yourself to a Monthly Subscription

You probably already know how a monthly subscription works. All you need to do is sign up for a package and each month you will receive an item in the post, such as a magazine or a box of goodies. However, have you ever actually signed up for one?

I have to admit I was rather sceptical about the idea of a monthly box of treats after all it feels rather indulgent, but having tried out a couple of subscription services I get really excited when the door bell goes and the familiar package arrives now. It also makes for a great gift and as you can often do a 3 month subscription too, it is the gift that keeps on giving!

In terms of magazines – of course you should have a SLiNK subscription, but generally mag subscriptions mean you don’t have to lug them home and as magazines look for brand loyalty lots of magazines offer special covers and gifts to subscribers that regular purchasers aren’t privy too.

Here are our favourite four reasons why you need to treat yourself to a monthly subscription.

A Gift Every Month

A monthly subscription is a way of receiving an amazing gift in the post every month. You can, therefore, enjoy all the unexpected benefits it can bring. This means you will have something to look forward to each month – and you will be excited to receive the item as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

Try Different Products

A subscription package can often allow people to experience different products within one package. You can, therefore, try new experiences you might not have realised existed before. So, you can broaden your horizons and keep trying new things throughout the year. We all get stuck in routine and this is a great way to trial without too much commitment to try new stuff.

Stay One Step Ahead

The great thing about weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions is that they allow you to stay one step ahead of the trends. Most companies often incorporate the very best products into subscription products and new launches to entice customers to buy in. So it is a great way to try before you buy and see what is hot. You can also find smaller brands that you might not know about.

Subscription boxes are most common currently for beauty products but there are some for fashion brands, even for vaping e-cigarette liquids such as, Auster a curated marketplace that only provides premium e-liquids they feel passionate about when creating their vape boxes.

Value for Money

You will certainly receive value for money when you select the right subscription package from a trusted supplier. You can get some of the most well known brands now buying into subscription boxes and putting their products in. It is, therefore, an affordable way to enjoy little surprises each month, which allow you to try new things and embrace new products. You can also benefit from a flat rate for high-quality products you will receive each month.


Another big benefit of a subscription plan is the convenience it will bring to your life. You will no longer have to think about making a buying decision, so you will never forget to reorder products each month. You will simply receive the items you want when you need them. So, you will never have to rush out to the store or order an over-priced item online.


Most subscription companies will have different subscription plans to suit your needs. Depending on the company, you may be able to upgrade or downgrade a package to suit your budget when times are tight and you always have the option to cancel a plan if you no longer require the products or services. So, you can enjoy a subscription that is flexible to your lifestyle.

If you want to stay one step ahead of trends, try different things and treat yourself to a new product or service each month. There are an abundance of subscription plans to suit both your needs and budget.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine