Plus Size Magazine: SLiNK Issue 21

coverissue21That’s right! Just in time for the end of 2016 – The last edition of the year – Issue 21 – can you believe we have made 21 issues! Is here and ready to buy RIGHT NOW

This is definitely our BEST issue yet! Our stunning cover model – Ronja beat 1000’s of others to become the 21st cover of SLiNK when she WON – Scandinavia’s Next Top Model – who held the first EVER – CURVE ONLY model series of the Top Model franchise.

In addition to this we have presenter and Vlogger – Grace Victory of – the Ugly Face of Beauty – giving us all the goss on her life, her amazing year and some top tips on how to deal with those pesky internet trolls.

We also have fantastic interviews with plus size musician – Margie Plus – who recently performed at Amber Rose’s Slut Walk in LA and with the original plus size supermodel – Emme – who tells us about her latest projects.

Still want more? FINE! We also got to meet two amazing women who are totally Boss-ing it up over at Virgin Galactic.

This issue is called Follow the Leader – because it is all about celebrating women in leadership and changing the game – something SLiNK most definitely stands for.

Alongside ALL of this amazing feature content we also have incredible fashion, our BIGGEST EVER BEAUTY section and fab food and travel. So what are you waiting for – get your copy NOW!

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-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine