New York Travel Review: YOTEL, Manhattan

If IKEA made hotels, they’d be just like Yotel, but as it happens, this chain of technologically advanced and computer savvy hotels is actually owned by Yo Sushi.

We was hugely excited to be staying at Yotel because it is known for its ultra modern outlook. Gone are the check in desks (you check in at a computer which then prints out your plastic key card – much like a British oyster travel card) and there is no one to take your luggage either. Instead you can (we didn’t as we still have a deep fear and mistrust of computers taking over everything) pop your luggage in a magical machine that will somehow deposit it in your room.

family-alternativeanglev2-1340-536Once you have got checked in to Yotel, it is time to head up to the main lobby. This again is seen as the central socialising hub. There is a bar, water, teas and coffee and
a restaurant. There is also a concierge (a human one), a computer station and large outside decking area. This is up on the fourth oor, so while it isn’t a city view, you’re at least away from the street trafic.

Making my way into a second set of lifts to head to my queen size room we were

genuinely excited and a little nervous about getting to grips with my room.

We’d heard the pod like rooms were fairly small but we were pleasently surprised by my Queen sized cabin. With just a curtain between the main room and the bathroom the cabin actually felt spacious as there were no real solid partitions. A mixture of light curtains and glass made it feel like a fair size.

new-terrace-photo-0We had a corner cabin and up on the 20th floor we had a great view.With oor to ceiling windows there were blackout blinds for privacy – the bathroom overlooks the windows – so blinds are a must!

The bed is electric and can be moved up into a couch / sitting position at the touch of a button. There is good hanging space and storage. There is even a lap tray for perfect munching in bed and even though there again was no mini bar there is room service.

A large TV screen faces the bed with a small desk space next to it.

Yotel was one of those hotel rooms where you inspected every inch. Like IKEA there

was very clever use of storage and space and the materials used to furnish the room ensured that it didn’t feel cramped. On the contrary, we felt like we had everything we needed and plenty of space.

The hotel overlooked a massive super market, so we ventured out to get a cheap dinner and browse the extensive food aisles, before putting our lap tray to the test.

All the way over on Tenth, the hotel sits in a part of town that is just that little bit quieter, which for a change was quite nice. It is still easily walkable to all the main attractions but without that sometimes excessive night time buzz.

premium-cabin-at-duskMake sure to check out the crazy hallway vending machines that sell everything from snack to headphones. We genuinely needed nothing but were so desperate to buy something from a computer, touch screen, vending machine we had to steal ourselves away. And try and get a good lift snap as the lifts are very purple and space like.

After electronically folding out my bed to full size and dropping the blackout blind down we genuinely had a really comfortable and solid night’s sleep.

Breakfast in the hotel is essentially non existent but if you’re in NYC for a long weekend it just gives you the perfect excuse to head out for a famous New York brunch.

While there is free tea and coffee and breakfast muf ns included in the price of your room, which you can grab downstairs in the lobby and munch while reclining on the outdoor decking, there is really noth- ing to write home about.

There were some items available to buy such as fruit or boiled eggs, but to be honest, there are so many fantastic diners in the city, you’re better off heading out for breakfast and doing things the New Yorker way.

However we will say, make some time to sit outside on the terrace. (Except of course if you come here in winter then please stay inside!) But in the sunshine, a couch and a cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day.

YOTEL New York at Times Square West 570 Tenth Avenue (corner of 10th Avenue & West 42nd Street) New York, NY 10036

email Ph: +1 646 449 7700 – press 3 for reservations




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