3 of the World’s Greatest Cities for Digital Nomads

I’ve been following someone on Instagram recently whose life seems picture perfect. A previous London resident they have upped sticks and become a real life, 2016, digital nomad. As a freelancer I do enjoy the life it affords me to tweak my schedule and not have the same disastrous commute as many others but digital nomads take this one step further. Their job affords them the ability to work from anywhere. A laptop and probably a wifi connection is all they need the world is not just their oyster, it is literally their office too. I’m not sure I am quite at digital nomad status but it is definitely a goal for the future.

The life of a digital nomad can be really enticing. Flying around the world doing what you love on your own time seems like paradise, doesn’t it? But life as a digital nomad can be a nightmare in the wrong location, especially when infrastructure might be lacking and basic services aren’t provided. However, some cities around the world have gained a solid reputation as hubs for technologically inclined world travelers. Here are just a few of them.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand is usually a fixture on lists of best cities for digital nomads. Two of the major reasons many digital nomads love this area is because of how affordable it is and the fact it has easy access to 24/7 cafés around the city.

Infrastructure in the city is very good, as is transportation. Also, what attracts many travelers to the area is the laidback lifestyle and attitude of the locals. Short term rentals are easily available and there are plenty of visa options for world travelers.

People also love the city because of how easy it is to navigate. You can get pretty much everywhere in the city by scooter or taxi in minutes. Also, the city is very close to nature and you’re always just a hop skip and jump away from the lush countryside.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

South American cities have increased in popularity in the last few years among digital nomads. Puerto Viejo, in Costa Rica, is one of them. While it is almost devoid of co-working spaces, it does have a solid network of small cafes around the city where nomads can work and play.

Another great aspect of Puerto Viejo is the beautiful nature that surrounds it. The beaches and nature are the perfect backdrop for workers who want to focus on big ideas minus the distractions. The city also has its fair share of artisanal bakeries and microbreweries for food and drink lovers.

And while Puerto Viejo is recognized as a hub where many digital nomads congregate, there are plenty surrounding cheaper options for lodging. For instance, you could live in some of the surrounding cities such as Cahuita which is located 16 km north of Puerto Viejo and access the town center in minutes.

Miami, United States

Many people think that they absolutely need to leave the country to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. But Miami is fast becoming a popular destination for online students and digital nomads looking for a more laid back lifestyle. Miami is one of the tops cities for medical students, with many pursuing an online or traditional RN to BSN degree in the city. Many students pursuing an online nursing degree love Miami for its great facilities and proximity to labs.

In addition to medical students, the city is very welcoming to art students and creative types. It is the perfect place for design students to network and meet like minded people. It also has one of the most vibrant art scenes in the world, with celebrities flocking from the world over to attend Art Basel every year.

These three cities are prime destinations for digital nomads because of their infrastructure, quality of life and affordability. But, before you make the move, make sure that you study these locations in detail and ask for second opinions from fellow travelers to see if they’re the right fit for you.

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-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine