Plus Size Athleisure Must-Haves

It seems that athleisure has some serious staying power. The casual-cool trend made its way to runways and fashion magazines a couple years ago, and although some thought it would fade like most fads athleisure has only gotten more popular with time. Don’t believe us? Take a peek at this trend piece written in 2015 about the rise of the style.

The trend’s early adopters were the risk-takers of the fashion world since it seemed like a crazy idea to elevate casual streetwear to high-brow status. As it gained traction and a variety of designers began to offer products to fit many styles and body types, athleisure soon became a popular trend for everyone.

And what’s not to love? It has made wearing leggings all day every day a completely acceptable fashion choice—chic, even. And then there are the cool T-shirts and extra fabulous sneakers that have been hitting the market, broadening the range for fashionistas of all kinds to personalise the look to fit their fancies. With so many options and interchangeable pieces to mix in with athleisure looks, putting a sporty, yet stylish, outfit together is a feat all of its own.

To help out with this trend, we thought we’d go over some of the absolute must-haves for plus-size athleisure fashion so that you can jump on this look if you haven’t already.

Stylish Leggings

A staple for athleisure is sporty pants. A lot of looks utilize track pants and skinny fit sweatpants, but those types of trousers are often difficult to pull off in a non pyjama kind of way. It can take a lot of trying on to find the perfect fit, and often times, they end up more, rolled out of bed, than catwalk queen. That’s why we love wearing stylish leggings with athleisure looks. A unique pair like these sassy leggings from Forever 21 will take you a long way, so feel free to get creative.

Bomber Jacket

A recent update on the athleisure trend is the addition of a sleek bomber jacket. A bomber jacket is perfect since we are in the cooler months, and is a very cool way to layer and bring some high-street structure to a “sporty” look. Just take a look at this outfit with its jacket and tailored track pant combo to see the look in action. Go for plain or embellished for a bolder look—the choice is yours.


Lastly, you need at least one pair of trainers that really calls to you. The best advice when it comes to shoes is to buy a pair that are YOUR style and not anyone else’s. If you like printed shoes, find some quirky ones from a daring designer. If you like the minimalist look, go for clean white sneakers. You can also do a little window shopping first if need be. When in doubt you can always go for a classic and the Adidas Stan Smith is an essential shoe in any sneaker fan’s collection that is both iconic and incredibly in style right now.

Image: Flickr


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine