Model Watch: Olivia Campbell

Plus size model Olivia Campbell received a tonne of press last year after stripping off for mini documentary team Stylelikeu. During the video the participant removes clothing whilst telling their story – a kind of laid bare exercise as it were and Olivia’s story had us all blubbing so we knew we had to get her in with team SLiNK to snap something sassy.

In our recent survey on Dating as a Plus Size Woman in 2016 we found some of the results astounding, mainly the way women still felt the media perceived them and their sexuality. It is so rare to see a plus size woman as centre stage, or fanciable in any media setting. The reaction to Gabby Sibidie’s sex scene in Empire last year only hammered this message home further. Team that with the banning on the Lane Bryant advert in 2015, deemed ‘indecent’ and we can see how confused the media is about plus size women being sexy.

Her latest editorial is out NOW in SLiNK issue 20 – so get the stills here.

So naturally SLiNK wanted to challenge this and to do this we drafted in Olivia and some handcuffs… You’ll see…


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine