How To Prepare Your Closet For This Winter Season

The seasons are changing and your wardrobe is changing right along with them. It’s that time of year to clean out your closet and make way for new clothing items for the upcoming season. It’s always fun to throw out the old and bring in the new as a way of refreshing your style and staying up to date with new trends. A brand-new wardrobe allows you to redefine yourself and express your personality with the changing of each season.

Clean Out That Closet

A good rule to live by, when making space in your closet for the next season, is to get rid of any items that you haven’t worn in six months. If you can’t recall wearing it in the last few months of the previous winter, pull it out and prepare to part with it, as painful as it may be. Also, remove any items that may be too snug. There is no reason to hold on to clothes that don’t fit, especially when you can always buy new items that are more in line with this year’s fashion trends. To help fund your upcoming wardrobe update, you can sell your old clothing items on websites and apps such as Poshmark. Make sure to use a high quality camera, like the 12MP one on the new Samsung Galaxy S7  to take pictures of your clothes to upload to the site – this is the phone we have and the camera is great – in fact, if you check out our instagram @slinkmagazine – you will spot some of our ‘look of the day snaps’ from New York on there!. The money you make off of last year’s items will help to put you in to this year’s!

Seek Out New Ideas

Start looking at what your favorite brands are creating for this upcoming season to get an idea of the style that you want to start shopping for. There are a number of great plus size fashion blogs that share their favorite looks of the season. You can also get ideas from your favorite celebrities and what they are choosing to wear by following them on social media and their different feeds. You’ll want to start purchasing your new items before the weather suddenly changes.

This Year’s Look

This upcoming year the looks are going to appear dark. Many designers are leaning toward darker colors for the upcoming winter season. Many of the items that will be hitting your favorite stores will be appearing in purples, dark greens and blues. Classic black will be making a comeback, but look forward to it being livened up by beautiful, colorful embroidery. Long embroidered lightweight jackets are in this winter and you will want to get your hands on one. Last year’s kimono shawl craze is being replaced by a more sophisticated look. These long embroidered jackets are beautiful and are the perfect compliment to the many shawls that you will see in fashion news. Perfect for colder weather, you can pair a brighter shawl with any dress to bring a new, smart look to your outfit. If you have a dress from the previous year that you can’t seem to part with, just freshen it up with a shawl that matches this year’s feel.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine