Bingo for the digital age

I first tried bingo about a decade ago. I, like many of you thought it was really a hang out for the purple rinse brigade and it wasn’t until a couple friend of mine insisted that it was a great night out that we all finally caved for a group night out at the bingo.

Before entering we had to become fully fledged members of our local bingo club, I thought it looked rather unbecoming next to my Selfridges vouchers but you do, what you have to run with the crowd right?

Fast forward 10 years and nights at the local bingo hall have been replaced by a far quicker fix… online bingo. The same great fun but for the digital age. Just like with the lottery – which I also dabble with online, an online bingo site is now the go to for those needing their number fix and unlike the bingo callers of my youth – this is a much easier way to follow the game – I never did get the hang of the real thing!

It might be slightly less sociable – although I have considered inviting the girls round avec their laptops and of course they could even use a mobile bingo site like or for a girls night in with a difference, but that is yet to catch on.

Until then, I think I will stick to flying solo and while Candy Crush might be cool, there are at least prizes to be won in this favourite pass time.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine