Why Choose Buckinghamshire for Your Wedding?

The County of Buckingham, known as the Buckinghamshire, is considered to be one of the most popular places for weddings in the country. The area is filled with interesting places to visit, great parks to explore and beautiful landscape completing the area nicely. There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Buckinghamshire for your wedding.

Great Vibe

There’s this classic, very warm vibe that’s unique to Buckinghamshire. Perhaps it’s the nice weather you will find in the area most of the time, or maybe it’s the landscapes surrounding the county. Whatever it is, the warm vibe of Buckinghamshire will certainly make your wedding day that much more memorable.

Places such as Bletchley Park and the Bekonscot Model Village make Buckinghamshire more unique. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding during the day or a more private evening reception at one of the best venues in the area, you’ll have a lot of great memories for sure.

Affordable Venues

A lot of people consider wedding in Buckinghamshire to be expensive, but there are actually a lot of great deals to find in the area. You can find the best wedding venues Buckinghamshire has to offer online rather easily. Most venues have packages suitable for any wedding, from budget-friendly bundles to luxurious wedding ceremonies all prepared by experts.

There is no shortage of venues too. Gardens, mansions, ballrooms and even an entire hotel could be your wedding venue. You can set a budget for the wedding and simply start searching for venues in the area. Regardless of your wedding budget, you will end up with the perfect venue in no time.

Convenient & Accessible

The best part about having a wedding in Buckinghamshire is the fact that you have everything you need for the wedding within minutes away from the venue. You can save a lot on transportation costs alone by working with local vendors and using the local wedding packages. It is also possible to have an entire wedding planned with the help of local planners.

On top of that, Buckinghamshire is very accessible from other parts of the country. If you have guests coming from outside of Buckinghamshire, they will be able to get to the wedding venue easily. Let’s not forget that guests who need to spend the night after the wedding reception will have to find accommodation near the venue too, and Buckinghamshire has you covered in this department as well.

Good for Every Wedding

It is also worth noting that Buckinghamshire is great not just for classic or traditional wedding receptions, but also for modern ones. You can find a beautiful garden with a glass building and gorgeous flowers for a minimalistic, very warm wedding for a small number of guests.

All you have to do is look for the right venue and start planning your dream wedding in Buckinghamshire. Go online and explore the area; you’ll find remarkable options and great wedding packages to choose from. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast too. Set a date that allows you to enjoy the nice, warm Buckinghamshire weather and you’ll have an absolutely joyous wedding.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine