Bomber Jacket… Can you ever have too many?

jackets-manon-baptiste-houndstooth-bomber-jacket-black-multicolour_A41438_F2405I honestly think I no longer know the answer to this life affirming question! Can you? Is it possible to have too many bomber jackets – but what if they are all equally magical and all have fantastic prints – what then? What does one do? I mean thank goodness bombers show no sign of going away anytime soon as it is by far my favourite jacket style but the idea that I may need a loft conversion soon – renamed obviously to ‘the bomber jacket emporium’ is slightly worrying.

This cheeky little houndstooth bomber jacket – again from our favourite Manon Baptiste at Navabi, shows that plus size jackets don’t have to be shy and retiring.

I am absolutely obsessed with the gold running through this print as well. Perfect over an LBD and equally cool over jeans – what am I going to do! I should buy it right?


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine