How to Keep Travelling Fun

Planning for a holiday is filled with joyous elements that all come together to create a reward for yourself and your family. Although looking for sandy shores and shimmering waters is enjoyable, physically reaching these sought after destinations can often be tiring, even tedious – a long flight or rattling train journey isn’t overly fun when you’ve got nothing to occupy yourself with. And even when you reach your hotel, itinerary arranged, there’ll still be moments when you need a recreational pick me up.












When you’re unfortunately the designated driver of the trip, or simply between the airport and hotel, reading an article of interest can be difficult to fit in, and often by the time you have a spare moment, you can’t find the article again. Pocket enables you to save everything you find worthy of viewing, be it a video or story, and come back to it whenever you want to. Handy though it is, the fact that no wi fi connection is needed goes one step further to improve the user interface of the app. If Kindles are the receptacle of novels, Pocket is for all other visual materials.


Music has always been a great boredom buster, so why should travelling alter that concept now? Unlike decades ago when you were limited to the CDs you carried with you, or even as far back as cassettes, now you can simply login to an app such as Spotify and listen to whatever music you wish to. You can opt to try a genre or artist you’ve never listened to before, or you can compile a list of your favourite tracks and make your way through them as you go. This is not only a perfect companion for when you’re reaching your resort, but for when you’re taking an evening beach stroll or relaxing by the poolside.

Coral Lottery

There is nothing quite like being able to load up a game and immerse yourself into its theme and story, and even when those games deliver more simplistic entertainment, such as the lunchtime lotto draw, you will still manage to keep the cobwebs of weariness away. What is more, gaming has such diversity that you can choose to play alone or with your travel companions, both of which bring about different but exciting experiences. As if that wasn’t satisfying enough, you can potentially win some extra money to spend while on your holidays, which is great for when your budget is feeling the pinch towards the end of your travels.
Besides the three listed above, there are plenty of other means of remaining amused, some of which allow you to put aside your technology altogether, like writing or reading a new book. Arguably though there is nothing quite like having an arsenal of tricks at your disposal, within the palm of your hands.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine