How Well Do You Know Your BFF

Having a best friend in our digital age can be deceiving. Seriously, how many of us actually spend quality time with our pals in this day and age? So much of our time is spent sending inane messages to one another, tagging each other in funny videos, and maybe going out for a few cocktails at the weekend. Okay, so maybe that’s not so terrible after all – it all sounds kinda fun, right? But how well do we really get to know one another these days? It’s a shame, so there are a few ways to strengthen bonds and get closer to the people you care about.

Don’t Just Get Drunk When It’s Their Birthday

Birthdays are a really fun time for groups of friends, but be honest – how many of us are actually excited about their impending celebration of getting a year older, and how many of us are really just excited about the party? Getting to know your friend and provide a really well thought out day for them will work better in the long run for your friendship. Obviously, there are the classic ideas. You can take your friend out for her favorite kind of food, or you can go check out a play, movie or show together. However, there are some really special experiences out there that you can take part in together as well. A spa day or a vacation are just two such experiences, if of course you have the time and money.

5074356284_b8bbb47da4_qThoughtful gift giving is important, too. Why not go for something really personal? A gift related to their character or background can be a really nice idea. For example, if your friend is born in June, a June birthstone can add an extra special touch, perhaps in some jewellery (this works especially well because it’s actually a pearl). It shows you’re paying attention, and birthstones are often said to bring luck. Using June as our example, the pearl is said to represent the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the Ancient Greek Goddess Of Love. It also symbolises loyalty, faithfulness, commitment and friendship. Bonus points? Pearls look amazing!
image: “Pearls” (CC BY 2.0) by  vidalia_11 

Take An Active Interest In Their Lives

8249906174_4d43bcf4bc_mIt’s not enough just to ask mundane questions, leading you to know a little about each aspect of their life. Sure, you might know their boyfriend’s name, their place of work, and perhaps something about where they grow up, but if you’ve not known each other that long, it’s time to really practice some active listening. You can ask more questions, but why not do this in person?

image: “coffee” (CC BY 2.0) by  cherylfoong 

Sadly, more and more of us are shunning traditional methods of communication in favour of texting and so on. However, meeting up with someone over a simple cup of coffee can do wonders, from promoting a strengthened bond, to actually learning more about one another.

From your hopes and fears, to your deepest dreams and aspirations, a best friend can help you become the best version of you – and vice versa.




-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine