Helping Your Plus Sized Teen or Preteen Find Beautiful Swimwear This Summer

Helping your daughter pick out stylish, fashionable clothes that make her feel great is one of the most fun parts of her growing up if you love fashion, and it is usually around the preteen age that girls really start experimenting with looks and finding out their own style. Of course, it is also an age when girls usually begin to feel more self conscious about their bodies, and so picking out swimwear can be a bit more involved than it was when they were younger and only really cared about having something they could have fun splashing around and swimming in!

So whilst you work on building her confidence it is also important to make sure she doesn’t shy away from swimwear altogether. It’s ok if she doesn’t feel like she wants to wear a bikini – there a tones of swim options out there – help her find something that makes her feel confident.

If you have a plus sized teen or preteen, they may feel even more body conscious and worried about how they look in swimwear, but just like for plus sized adults, there are styles and choices out there that can help them look good and feel happy and confident. Here are some thoughts on choosing juniors swimsuits for bigger teen and preteen girls. And remember, everybody is beach ready but feeling comfortable on the beach will ensure your teen has a great summer!


Tankinis are an excellent choice and currently very fashionable. They are also more comfortable to swim and move around in than bikinis that can feel like they might slip off! Tankinis with hidden support can be a good choice if your teen has a large bust, as they’ll offer support and create a sleek silhouette. When it comes to design, a color block with darker panels down the side can have a streamline effect creating a sporty look. Chevrons are also a flattering and fashionable choice of pattern for S/S’16. Tankini’s are great if they want to have a bikini vibe without actually wearing a bikini as the two piece provides a similar aesthetic.


Some styles of bikini and swimsuit have what are basically very short shorts as their bottoms. These can make her feel more covered and like she is wearing normal clothes rather than a bathing suit, which some girls just aren’t comfortable in quite yet. Another option for even more coverage is to wear boy style swimming shorts with a bikini or tankini top, which can have a cool, sporty look.


Of course your teen may feel totally at ease in a bikini (well done you for making sure she is body confident) and there is an increasing number of styles, silhouettes and prints to choose from, making a plus size bikini a viable option! There are some amazing ones out there from string to high waisted this is one area of plus size that is surging ahead.

One Piece Ideas

For many girls, there is a strong preference for one piece swimsuits as they tend to feel far less exposed in them, and are used to wearing them in front of their friends for things like swimming lessons. One pieces often have all kinds of hidden, shape creating and support that creates a streamlined silhouette and also great for supporting busts, they are also REALLY on trend right now. One pieces are great for channeling that sports luxe vibe too which is huge this season. A sporty swimsuit suitable for school may not fit the bill, so look at some of the great fashion options out there for juniors. Bright, fun colors and patterns can be appealing to teens, as can stylish black and white designs. Halter neck styles and ruching are really great details for drawing the eye along the body.

Surfer Style Beachwear

If your daughter really doesn’t like the idea of revealing as much skin as usual in a swimsuit, another option that can look cool is to take inspiration from surfers. Surfers don’t usually surf in bikinis, because they can fall off too easily and they can get rashes on their skin. If they are not wearing wetsuits, they usually opt for a style of beachwear called a rash guard, which is like a long sleeved t-shirt suitable to wear in the water. Surfer fashion brands tend to be considered fashionable among teens (especially those who live by the coast) and so wearing a rash guard style in a cool design to the beach can look trendy while offering plenty of coverage.

These are some of the different styles you can think about when shopping for awesome beach and swimwear with your teen or preteen daughter.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine