Gold or Silver: Which Rings Are Trending?

Just like all other aspects of fashion, jewellery has trends that come and go. From the gemstones that are the most popular, to the metals, such as gold versus silver, that everyone wants to show off, if you are planning on purchasing a new ring, particularly if you are getting ready to shop for an engagement ring from a place like Ascot Diamonds, you should know about what is in style and what isn’t. Keep reading to learn more.

Silver and White Gold Are Still Popular

For many years, white gold has been the preferred metal over yellow gold, but silver is also trending right now. You can even find brushed silver jewellery growing in popularity. When choosing a ring, think about the fact that silver and white gold will need to be maintained. White gold will need to be cleaned and a plating of rhodium will need to be reapplied in order to keep it looking white and lustrous. Silver will also tarnish, so you need to clean it regularly in order to keep it sparkling and looking like new. Yellow gold, on the other hand, tends to be easier to maintain.

Rose Gold Is Huge Right Now

Rose gold is what is trendy right now, growing ever more popular than gold and silver. Even Apple released their iPhone in rose gold. This gold is actually more durable than white gold and yellow gold, as it contains copper. Because it contains copper, however, it is not considered hypoallergenic. Also, if you are in search of rose gold rings, you will likely find them harder to come by, as they aren’t as widely available as yellow and white gold options. However, rose gold can be an affordable yet beautiful option, and it does not require any rhodium plating like white gold does. Plus, it complements all skin tones, and it has a unique vintage appeal. If you find regular gold and silver too boring, this is an ideal alternative.

Have the Best of Both Worlds

A recent trend involves mixing yellow gold and silver so that you can have the best of both worlds. Many women are wearing silver rings on some fingers and yellow gold rings on other fingers so that they can have a great contrast that is surprisingly complementary. But there are also rings that combine silver and gold in the same design. These are exquisite and truly unique, and sure to stand out.

Silver Is Still Popular

No matter what, silver is still popular, though, and it is an ideal alternative to those who can’t afford real gold but who want the look of white gold. You can find silver rings really easily, and many of them are adorned with the world’s most beautiful gemstones. Also, for those who do not wish to purchase gold products because of their environmental impact, silver could be the alternative they are looking for.

Ultimately, however, it seems that the current trend in the world of jewellery and rings is gold in its many forms, from rose gold to white gold and the classic beauty of yellow gold.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine