Develop your accessorising skills

bracelet-1198737_960_720Putting together a great outfit takes practice and most of us discover what kind of clothes work for us over time. Leaf through your diary and if you have a specific event coming up – be it a drinks party or a business meeting – you’d probably be able to visualize your wardrobe and know what you’d be likely to wear without trying anything on.

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But while you may have a series of go-to outfits, do you know how to accessorize them? Lots of people don’t know how to wear extra pieces such as jewelry or scarves and that’s where mistakes are made. Either they avoid wearing any accessories and thus look a little plainer than they might, or they overdo it and make their overall appearance too fussy; spoiling the elegant lines of an outfit.

If you’re not sure what accessories to add to your outfits; try out the tips below.


7165701960_df697aa607_mSome girls don’t feel confident in how to wear jewelry, so simply don’t bother. But even the simplest necklace or pair of earrings can transform the overall effect of an outfit, so it’s worth experimenting. Even if you don’t have a jewelry box, you’ve probably got jewelry that you’ve been gifted over the years stashed away in your drawers somewhere. Get it out and experiment.
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If you don’t like the pieces you already have, the range of affordable jewelry that’s out there today means that you don’t have to spend much to acquire a choice of jewelry to complete different outfits. If you want something that’s personal to you and will add subtle elegance to a wide variety of outfits, choose a monogram necklace at ONecklace. Monogram necklaces offer huge versatility and can be worn alone or with other jewelry.

Some of us get into a jewelry rut, where we wear the same pieces every day. If that sounds like you, try a jewelry rota, where you choose a couple of days during the week that you’ll wear jewelry. On a short-sleeve day, add a bracelet or watch to a bare wrist; another day, pick a necklace to fill an open neckline. Over a few weeks, you’ll get used to choosing which jewelry to wear, and you’ll spot more spaces to fill with jewelry to complement different outfits.

girl-1361832_960_720Some women drape scarves with the majority of their outfits and look sophisticated and effortlessly elegant in the process. Others fiddle endlessly with a scarf and it becomes more of a hindrance and annoyance than adding anything to their look. If the latter scenario sounds familiar to you, don’t give up on scarves just yet.

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You probably already have a lot of scarves in your wardrobe, that you never feel quite right in wearing. So now’s the time to get them all out and do some practicing – develop the art of tying a scarf successfully and you’ll feel more like wearing one. There are lots of scarf tutorial videos online.

Put on a pair of jeans and a black tee and try out some scarves to see what works for you. Which scarf ties fit with your look and reflect your personal style? Identify a few different scarf ties you feel comfortable and confident with, and you’ll have tapped a rich vein of accessorizing opportunities.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine