Be Inspired by Fashion Bloggers Celebrating Curves

Style bloggers have been making their mark on the fashion world for some time now, by providing their own insight on trends and adding a unique spin on high street fashion. Following fashion bloggers on Instagram and via their blogs is a good way of finding new inspiration and keeping a finger on the pulse of popular trends.

In the past, we’ve covered many great new bloggers to check out, but there are countless amazing fashion writers out there who have found an easy method to start blogging and are now flaunting their curves and giving their take on plus size fashion. Here are some of our favourite curvy fashion bloggers who are currently making waves on the plus size fashion scene.


GarnerStyle was started in 2008 by California-based, 30-something plus size fashion blogger Chastity, and has been featured on, The New York Times, and Elle Magazine. The blog began as a quest to offer free advice and inspiration to plus size women wanting to achieve their own unique and glamorous style that would complement a voluptuous figure. Our favourite of Chastity’s summer looks is her take on skater skirts and dresses from Gwynnie Bee, paired with jeans or pencil fit trousers.

Curvy Sam

Australian plus size fashion blogger Curvy Sam is all about promoting inner confidence and positive body image amongst women, by sharing her own lifestyle, fashion and health tips on her blog and social media. As she writes on her blog: “I want women out there to know their worth is not determined by their body shape.” We love the swimsuits she wears, which combine bright floral patterns with a figure-hugging swimsuit and a plunging neckline that flaunts the beauty of her natural curves.

From the Corners of the Curve

Last but not least is Callie, a 20-something Londoner with From The Corners of the Curve – a rocking UK fashion blog that celebrates body confidence, and includes some great beauty and lifestyle tips. Not only is there great inspiration for plus size fashion on this blog, but there are also travel tips and restaurant reviews… everything a girl could ask for! Callie looks great in polka-dot jumpsuits paired with retro sunglasses and a leather jacket, but our favourite is her casual oversized 80’s denim jacket with all black trousers, top and boots.






-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine