Straight Curve : Trailer 2

When the first trailer went out for this ground breaking documentary into diversity in the fashion industry on Glamour last year the world went into meltdown.

As the team continue to film, more and more stories are being told and recorded, ready for the final edit (thought to be sometime in 2017).

To remind people that the cosmic shift and changes in the industry are continuing, they have released their second trailer today, which you can watch here: featuring Redbook, Eloquii, Philomena Kwao, Iskra Lawrence, Becca Thorpe, Ashley Graham + so many more!

Two of our favourite quotes include:

Casting Director, Jon James: ‘If I can put a man in women’s clothing and walk him down the runway, I can put a bigger woman in the same look” – YES


Gary Dakin of Jag Models: “I don’t call this a movement, I call this evolution”

But don’t let us spoil it, watch the trailer below.

“Straight/Curve has shifted the conversation from “plus size” women to EVERY woman, all sizes, ages and ethnicities. We feel every woman should see themselves represented in the fashion industry and the media. Over 90% of women do NOT feel represented and this number needs to change. We are hoping through our film we can change the conversation to one of diversity and inclusivity. It is not about one size or race or age being better than the other. There is no right way to look. We have been programmed that beauty is the young, white, thin ideal and this standard has to change for the sake of women and young girls across the world.”


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine