Love Charm Bracelets? Wearing Other Personalised Jewellery That Tells a Story

Jewellery can be one of the most fun things to shop for, making you feel sparkly and glamorous with no worries about matching the looks you fall in love with to your size or age. One of the best jewelry trends in recent years has been the comeback of the charm bracelet, which has gone from being something quaint your grandmother might buy you as a child to a fashionable and fun accessory that works with just about every outfit.

Charm Bracelets Are Awesome

What is so great about charm and bead bracelets and bangles is that they give you the ability to wear cool branded products while still having your own input into the finished look, by choosing beads and charms that represent your own style and taste, or even stand for your personal interests or moments in your life you want to remember. A lot of women are now the proud owners of unique, individual charm bracelets that tell a story, with a charm for every fantastic trip, birthday, and life event, and beads and charms given by all of the most important people in their lives.

So, since charm bracelets are so great, we thought we’d look at the other options available for wearing charm or bead jewelry you can build up yourself:

Charm Rings

If you are looking for the perfect fashion ring for spring, then bead bracelet brand Trollbeads ( do a stunning range of rings that you can customize using their beads in much the same way you can with their bracelets and bangles. Obviously you can fit far fewer beads and charms on a ring than on a bangle, but you can also swap beads between your bracelet and ring, allowing you to put one favorite one front and center on your finger, and to change how your ring looks to match different outfits or occasions. If you already have the bracelet, then this kind of ring instantly becomes extremely versatile, and you can choose a style for the ring itself that makes a stunning setting for your favorite beads.

Charm Necklaces

If you don’t really like wearing your bracelet too often because with all the charms and beads you’ve acquired, it has started to feel a bit unwieldy on your wrist and gets in the way, then switching to a charm necklace can give you new ways to wear your favorite beads and charms. Alternatively, you can start collecting with a necklace instead of a bracelet – it does after all give you far more room for pieces to be added! If you prefer to wear a watch on your wrist or you work with your hands and wearing a bracelet a lot is a bit dangerous for you, then a necklace can be a more versatile accessory for your lifestyle, too.

Customisable jewellery is so in fashion, and so fun to own and wear, that there is really no reason to stop at just a bracelet.





-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine