Ashley Graham for H&M at Paris Fashion Week

Another milestone was reached this week by curve Queen Ashley Graham and no we aren’t talking about that appearance at the Oscars.

We are talking about Ashley hotfooting it down the runway at Paris Fashion Week for high street retailer H&M.

H&M have been doing their best to diversify of late, even including Tess Holliday in a recent video campaign but Ashley was there to grace their celeb packed runway show that has become a bit of a staple at PFW.

Always making sure their finger is on the pulse, H&M is famed for their designer collaborations and have of late focussed their offering on their catwalk line and more curated, higher end pieces.

It is great that they added Ashley to this season’s model line up, we just hope that means that they might consider extending mainline past a 14 (rarely 16) or at least check out improvements that can be made to their plus size line.

Watch the show here:


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine