All Change Please

Though fashion week is still a much anticipated bi-annual activity, the way brands are selling and consumers are purchasing has definitely changed and we have seen over the last few decade a shift between the 2-4 times a year seasonal drops to a much more fast fashion approach that sees brands of all sizes and price points feeling the need and the urge to deliver more capsule collections throughout the season.

This not only helps everyone adapt to the insane weather we keep having – it has literally only just got cold enough for a coat and we are in February – but also allows consumers to keep getting that fashion fix and wardrobe update that we all very much want. And why should plus size fashion be any different? We love to shop too right?

One of those people at the forefront of plus size designer fashion has always been the blonde bombshell, Anna Scholz. St Martins trained and at the helm of her own brand, designer Anna has restructured to allow for mini capsule collections throughout the season – so you can get more gorgeously, well designed pieces, more often. But you can now ONLY get them through Anna Scholz herself. This means up to 10 collections per year! Better start a special Anna Scholz saving account right now then!



-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine