Apps for Smart Foodies

It seems that a common theme or use value with many food-related mobile apps for any platform is their ability to provide immediate intelligence to any cuisine  commando. These apps scale down the immense volume of online content about food into smaller bites of highly useful and relevant information — not just recipe how-to’s or restaurant finders. Today’s most charismatic and appetising foodie apps are helping people handle the messier side of obtaining awesome meals or cooking by making playing with your food a necessity!

Food Is Everywhere

Not only do food lovers seek out cuisine-oriented content on TV shows, on websites, inside Facebook and by using their favorite mobile apps, they also pursue their own skills in the kitchen. The Web functions as a classroom for just about anything under the sun. Much of the educational content is structured more like a game than a lecture — perfect for those of us that relish playing in the kitchen.

For example, the very polished mobile app called Kitchen Stories puts a rich multimedia story together about preparing a great dish, replete with videos, recipes and handy shopping plans — and, each home chef can post their own experiences. The DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic on the Web is a match for those who want to learn by doing, by cooking.

Furthermore, everywhere we look in public spaces and popular media, food is pictured or described. How many funny or dramatic scenes in movies that you have seen involve restaurants or a dining table?

Our attachments and instinctual interest in food (and eating well) make us notice associations even when we see something that could include eating, the culinary arts, and high society in general. One might view the newest James Bond film trailer and subconsciously expect a grand restaurant setting, or one of Bond’s fine dining experiences.

Beyond Cooking Timers

There are plenty of smartphone-based apps that help a chef keep track of all of the various pots on the range, recipes, and cooking times. But there is far more available for adventurous foodies. The nice thing is that so many of us are familiar already with the usefulness of apps in many areas of our lives.

Games are mega popular today online. That is the reason that so many other forms of content and entertainment mimic the way games work in general. That applies to proper online education, or the instructions given by your bank’s Web system, or cooking sites. You could play mobile bingo in one of the favorite gaming apps in UK and then see similarities in the way a foodie Facebook Page presents its latest recipe extravaganza.

Because of the common design of much Web content, and so many easy mobile apps, even cooks who don’t surf can thrill their taste buds with the help of the Internet. It is not surprising that people all over the world have latched onto the Web as a way to pursue a basic necessity of life, food, which has so much scope for creativity, healthy living, art and social harmony.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine