UKPSFW – UK Plus Size Fashion Week – BTS

This weekend our Editor, Rivkie Baum styled the third UKPSFW (UK plus size fashion week) runway show. While Rivkie is a seasoned pro at styling plus size women both editorially and just for fun, a catwalk show is a huge task and the run up to the show, meeting with the brands involved and mood-boarding and discussing ideas and direction has taken several months. It is so rare that we can share this experience with you and essentially you always just get to see the final edit and product. The lights, the amazing music and the gorgeous girls catwalking down the runway. But the work that goes into it before is HUGE!

With two shows to style, over 14 models and ten looks per brand (a total of 15 brands) that was a whopping 150 looks to put together and accessorise and match to a model, all in accordance to a show running order so that each girl has time to get down and back up the catwalk and changed into her next look. The music was made to fit each brand, dependent on their trends and the direction of the styling for each designer – basically there are so many elements. There is a fit day, practice times, choreography to teach and learn (that’s the show production side – Cult of Fashion – super incredible people) and of course then there is a dresser per girl back stage, a wardrobe mistress to oversea and a show caller, who makes sure all the girls go out at the right time.

Check out this amazing video from one of the shows models, Mollie, who we had no idea was covertly filming her experience to share in this fantastic blog. It shows you the long days, the countless hours and the amount of work that goes into just a tiny show – just 40 mins of show time. But also how much fun the girls have and how proud they are to be representing! We adore this vlog.


-- Editor-in-Chief SLiNK Magazine